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Zentangle classes in Morris

September 11, 2018
Morris acupuncturist receives Zentangle teacher certification

MORRIS – When Laurie Stone talks about Zentangle she gets a lot of questions – most along the lines of “What’s that?” which is often followed by “Isn’t that just doodling?”

What appears to be doodling is actually a way of making patterns that puts your mind into a state of flow – a calm and relaxed focus allowing your mind to be clear of your stresses and only focus on the pattern, said Stone, owner of Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic in Morris.

“It gives you a break from the tasks that overwhelm you throughout the day,” she said. “It can be as short or as long as you like. Even if it’s just five minutes of relaxation before you’re off to a meeting.”

The Zentangle Method was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts of Massachusetts. Stone discovered it about eight years ago when a friend was using it for recovery from a cerebellar stroke to work on her fine-motor skills. Stone has been using it herself since then for relaxation.

“I just felt it was too important not to share,” Stone said, so she took the Zentangle Method seminar in June in Rhode Island to become a certified Zentangle teacher.

Stone now offers Zentangle classes at her Morris clinic and also does guest presentations as she did at the Grundy Chamber’s recent Small Business Collaborators group.

“I enjoy how Zentangle is quite simple - a black pen, a small piece of paper, and beautiful results. Perfection is not needed,” said Kathy Cherven, a Loss & Grief Counselor in Morris and Zentangle client of Stone’s.

There is no artistic talent required with Zentangle. The method encourages creativity without judgement or critique. It truly is self-expression, Stone said. With doodling or just coloring, your mind can still wander to what you have to get accomplished at work the next day or whether your children finished their homework. With Zentangle you’re focused on the next step, keeping your mind clear. There are also no mistakes, she said. There is no erasing or starting over, you simply just make the mistake into an opportunity – something Stone hopes she can teach her clients to implement in their lives.

In addition to helping with stress, the method can also help with anxiety and sleeplessness. If you’re in need of a quick few minutes to yourself you can Zentangle with a Post-it and pen, Stone said.
Stone has owned Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic for eight years. The Clinic offers acupuncture treatments for a variety of health needs. Stone also offers Herbal Consultations and Essential Oil classes. For more information on Zentangle or other services as well as the class schedule Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic offers visit or call 815-942-2580.

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